Jen Foster

on music and giving back

When I was a teenager, I began writing songs because I felt like an outsider in a very conservative world. I just felt…different. Songwriting was my way of working through all that raw emotion. Sharing my songs with the other kids at school gave me the most rewarding feeling I’d ever experienced, because suddenly, people were connecting with me on a deeper level. The courage that it required of me to lay my heart out to others through my music seemed to inspire the other kids, and almost immediately, they began opening up and sharing their feelings, their secrets, their stories. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so alone anymore. The gift I gave to them was literally giving back to me.

Since those years, I’ve slowly but surely worked towards cultivating a vision of giving back through my songs. I love how good it feels. Plus, my parents taught me that if you are able-bodied and blessed with love, the most important thing you can do is use your talents to help others. With projects such as The Writer’s Share or SHE4MarriageEquality (#SHE4ME) (See bio for more on these projects) seeds were planted in my heart to continue to find new ways to give back.

So now, with “The White Room Sessions,” I’ve made a commitment to give 10% of the proceeds (for the entire life of the project) to a number of causes I love, beginning with Bonaparte’s Retreat and The Elephant Sanctuary. There are a number of other organizations I’m interested in helping, so as this develops, I will keep you all posted!

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